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20170530 DnB Influences Blog

Drum & Bass Influences Special with DJ Marky, Gilles Peterson & Fabio // 30-05-17

We trace the roots and influences of two Drum & Bass legends with a four hour special.

DJ Marky (Brazil Influences) // 30-05-17 // 2-4PM BST


Brazilian Drum & Bass pioneer DJ Marky has created and added new sounds to the arena, since emerging in the early 90s. He presents two hours of his influences live from London, to celebrat his new Influences compilation on BBE.

Gilles Peterson with Fabio // 30-05-17 // 4-6PM BST

20170530 Gilles and Fabio 2

Fabio’s career started in pirate radio, and has since become one of the most inimitable authorities of the genre, through his own solo efforts and accompanied by Grooverider. Gilles spends two hours going tracing his musical roots, going deep into his fascinating life and work.





Spoken Word Special with Anthony Joseph, Rohan Ayinde, Leanne Wright and Paul Bradshaw// 06-04-17


We explore the art form of Spoken Word with the Worldwide Family and guests.

Spoken Word Special: Paul Bradshaw with Anthony Joseph // 06-04-17 // 12-2PM BST

Founder of Straight No Chaser and part of the Worldwide Family, Paul Bradshaw welcomes Anthony Joseph, performance poet, spoken word artist and frontman for the Spasm Band.

20170406 Anthony Joseph

Spoken Word Special: Leanne Wright with Rohan Ayinde // 06-04-17 // 2-4PM BST

resident DJ Leanne Wright is joined by Rohan Ayinde, an interdisciplinary artist working primarily with poetry and photography focusing on race, politics and all the other constructs that shape our lives. The duo are also joined by South London multi instrumentalist Dominic Whalley, who plays percussion for Jungle.

20170406 Rohan


20170330 Gil Scott-Heron

A Gil Scott-Heron tribute with Gilles Peterson, Dave Okumu, Lemn Sissay, The Last Poets, Jono McCleery & Roger Robinson // 30-03-17

20170330 Gil Scott-Heron

Two days before what would have been his 68th birthday, we celebrate the life and legacy of jazz musician and spoken word artist Gil Scott-Heron.

Gil Scott-Heron Tribute Show: Dave Okumu with Jono McCleery and Lemn Sissay // 30-03-17 // 12-2PM BST


Viennese DJ Dave Okumu hosts poet Lemn Sissay and vocalist Jono McCleery as they explore Gil Scott-Heron’s work and pay tribute through music, live performance and words – including a live performance from Jono McCleery.

Roger Robinson with The Last Poets (rebroadcast) // 30-03-17 // 2-4PM BST

20161125 Last Poets 5-2

Poet Roger Robinson takes the reigns for an extended words and music show with the godfathers of hip-hop, The Last Poets. Long-time friends of Gil, they share memories of some past encounters and struggles with the spoken word giant.

Gilles Peterson: Gil Scott-Heron Tribute // 30-03-17 // 4-6PM GMT

20160907 Gilles

Gilles presents two hours in tribute to the late spoken word artist, Gil Scott-Heron, just before what would have been his 68th birthday.


20170308 Rodigan-9

Sound System Culture Special // 16-03-17

20170308 Rodigan-9

A day of appreciation and celebration of sound system culture, with new and familiar selectors.

Sound System Culture Special: David Rodigan & Gilles Peterson // 12-2PM GMT

Gilles Peterson is joined by Reggae selector David Rodigan following the release of his new autobiography My Life In Reggae. Rodigan talks through 12 of his favourite tracks during this strictly vinyl special, playing music from artists that have strongly influenced his career.

20170308 Rodigan-2

Sound System Culture Special: Earl Gateshead // 2-3PM GMT

Earl Gateshead has been DJing since 1979, taking his London reggae sound worldwide. He presents an hour from his vast collection for our Sound System Culture Special.


Sound System Culture Special: Shere Khan // 3-4PM GMT

Shere Khan is a new generation soundman who is bringing older dub styles and sound into a new era. He presents an hour of vinyl brought back from his recent visit to Kingston, Jamaica for our Sound System Culture Special.

shere khan




Jazz Special with Paul Bradshaw, Mr G, K15 & Nubya Garcia // 02-03-17


We turn to Worldwide friends and family to explore the history, current scenes and future of jazz music for a six hour special.

Paul Bradshaw with Orphy Robinson // 12-2PM GMT

Paul Bradshaw, founder of Straight No Chaser, is joined by Warriors Int. vibes-master, Orphy Robinson to talk about his Third Eye All Stars’ much anticipated rendering of Van Morrison’s 1968 masterpiece Astral Weeks.

20160912 Paul Bradshaw_E

Nubya Garcia // 2-4PM GMT

London based saxophonist Nubya Garcia represents young London’s jazz scene alongside her band with two hours of records, as they spill the beans about upcoming projects and shows.


Mr G and K15 // 4-6PM GMT

Long-standing UK house master and Phoenix G. label owner, Mr G joins Wild Oats and Eglo-signed multi-genre maverick, K15, for a special two hour jazz show. 20170302 Mr G + K15



20161111 Brownswood

Worldwide Family Takeover // 23-02-17

The studio is taken over by our very capable friends from Brownswood, Future Bubblers and long time collaborators.

Worldwide Family // Brownswood Radio // 12-1PM GMT

Brownswood‘s Ruby and Jake lift the lid on Gilles’ label, journeying through its colourful 10 year history and unchartered future.

20161111 Brownswood

Worldwide Family // Future Bubblers // 1-2PM GMT

Amy and Selassie offer an insight into their talent discovery and development programme, Future Bubblers, powered by Brownswood Music. Strictly new, UK music.

20160923 Future Bubblers

Worldwide Family // Sophie Callis // 23-02-17 // 2-3PM GMT

Monthly show from London DJ and Worldwide Family member, Sophie Callis.

20170109 Sophie CallisWorldwide Family // The Emerald Tablet with Leanne // 23-02-17 // 3-4PM GMT

Brand new monthly show from Canadian London DJ and Worldwide Family member, Leanne, who brings new music and surprise guests.

20160827 Leanne


Sounds System Culture

Sound System Culture Special with Channel One and Sherwood & Pinch // 16-02-17

Sounds System Culture

We delve into sound system culture with a four hour special, with shows from Channel One Sound System and Sherwood and Pinch.

Channel One Sound System
Channel One is one of the most significant and iconic crews in dub and reggae sound system culture. They joined us in the studio for two hours of education and classics.

Sherwood & Pinch
Two undeniable heavyweights in UK bass music, Adrian Sherwood of On-U Sound Records and Rob Ellis AKA Pinch, present two hours of music ranging from dub to jungle, as well as their new release Man vs. Sofa.