20170310 Gilles and Mark Barrott_

Gilles Peterson Mark Barrott // 10-03-17

Gilles Peterson is live from London joined by International Feel boss Mark Barrott to discuss his new Music For Presence EP, which shifts the boundaries of balearic music as he oscillates between living and producing in Ibiza, Uruguay and the UK.

Dayme Arocena – Eleggua [Brownswood] // UK
Kenny Garrett – Persian Steps [Mack Avenue] // US
Erykah Badu Booty Edit – [Unreleased]
Joakan – Samurai (Red Axes Remix) [Unreleased]
Kenny Burrell – Soul Lament [Blue Note] // US
Maria Rita – Lamento Africano [Acorde] // Brazil
Zimba – Baleka (Comet Is Coming Remix) [Unreleased]
Ennanga Vision – Otim’s War [Songway Records] // UK
Gaby Hernandez – Lo Mas Dulce [Analog Burners] // US
Luther Vandross (Jbloy Nichols Cover) – Never Too Much [Unreleased]
Arnold Blair – Is It Real Love [Gemigo Records] // US
Dayme Arocena – Valentine [Brownswood] // UK

Mark Barrott Mini Mix

Scott Gilmore – Europe [Unreleased, Forthcoming International Feel Records] // Uruguay
Shelter – Bucolica [Unreleased, Forthcoming International Feel Records] // Uruguay
Olenta – Gunda Pharos [Unreleased, Forthcoming International Feel Records] // Uruguay
Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith – Stratus [Western Vinyl] // US
Maajo – Maajo [Queen Nanny Records] // UK
Stringtronics – Dawn Mists [Vadim Music] // France
Rogers Keyes – Hokusai Says (Poem)
Mark Barrott – Baby Come Home [International Free Records] // Uruguay
Marvin Franklin With Kimo And The Guys – Kona Winds [Strut Records] // US
Daniel Kobialka – Blue Spirals [Li-Sem Enterprises, Inc] // US