170224 Gilles - Leon Ware

Gilles Peterson // 24-02-17

Gilles Peterson presents two hours live from London, paying tribute to the great Leon Ware and exploring Leroy Hutson’s back catalogue. 

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Georges Arvanitas Trio – Ah! Le Chat [Futura Records] // France
Leon Ware – I Want You (Original Demo)
Leon Ware – Rockin’ You Eternally [Rhino] // US
Leon Ware – Why I Came To California [Elektra Records] // US
Leon Ware – Somewhere [Elektra Records] // US
Leroy Hutson – So Nice [RSO] // US
The Voices of East Harlem – Giving Love [Just Sunshine Records] // US
The Impressions – Inner City Blues (Make Me Wanna Holler) [Curtom] // US
Roberta Flack – Tryin’ Times [Atlantic] // US
Leroy Hutson – Getting It On [Curtom] // US
Leroy Hutson – It’s The Music [Curtom] // US
Leroy Hutson – Classy Lady [ Elektra Records] // US
Natural Four – Love’s So Wonderful [Curtom] //US
Arnold Blair – Trying To Get Next To You [Gemigo Records] // US
Leroy Hutson – Lucky Fellow [Curtom] // US
Leroy Hutson – Get To This (You’ll Get To Me) [Curtom] // US
Leroy Hutson – Cool Out [Curtom] // US
The Mayfield Singers – I’ve Been Trying [Mayfield Records] // US
Leroy Hutson – So In Love With You [Curtom] // US
Leroy Hutson – Don’t It Make You Feel Good [Curtom] // US
Leroy Hutson – Lover’s Holiday [Curtom] // US
Leroy Hutson – Love The Feeling [Curtom] // US
Donny Hathaway – The Ghetto [ATCO Records] // US
The Impressions – Potent Love [Curtom] // US
Omar – Gave My Heart/ It’s So Interlood [Freestyle Records] // UK
Art Farmer – Mau Mau [Prestige] // US
Tomorrow’s People – Lovers To Friends [Melodies] // US