20170125 Gilles and Omar

Gilles Peterson with Omar // 25-01-17

Gilles is joined by the iconic Soul vocalist, multi-instrumentalist and producer, Omar Lye-Fook. He joins us for a chat and some tunes in anticipation for the release of his new album on the 27th of January, Love in Beats.

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Owiny Sigoma Band – Vitamin C [Unreleased]
Auntie Flo – Rainfall On Red Earth [Sofrito Super Singles] // UK
Barney Wilen – Zombizar [Saravah] // France
Sonzeira – Test [Unreleased]
Girl Talk Interlude featuring The Moteane – Lyefook [Freestyle Records] // UK
Terry Callier – Dancing Girl [Cadet Records] // US
Omar – De Ja Vu [Freestyle Records] // UK
Omar and Carleen Anderson – Who Chooses the Seasons [Freestyle Records] // UK
Omar featuring Leon Ware – Gave My Heart [Freestyle Records] // UK
Leon Ware – Somewhere [Elektra] // US
Mark De Clive-Lowe – Swahililand [White Label]
Omar- Vicky’s Tune [Freestyle Records] // UK
Omar – Ghana Emotion [Peppermint Jam] // Germany