20170203 Mount Liberation Unlimited

Mount Liberation Unlimited // 03-02-17

Mount Liberation Unlimited is the brainchild of Stockholm natives and life long friends Tom Lagerman and Niklas Janzon.

With the release of their latest record ‘Double Dance Lover’ on local Stockholm dance music institution Studio Barnhus they’re keeping it local with Swedish music only. From early Swe-jazz through 70s political psychedelia, 80s bubblegum Swisco, 90s SVEK techno domination to the future sounds from Stockholm. Heja Sverige!

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Alice Babs & Duke Ellington – Serenade To Sweden [Telestar] // Sweden
Monica Zetterlund & Bill Evans – Monicas Vals [Phillips] // Sweden
Meit Hemmingson – Polska Efter Hjort Anders [Columbia] // Sweden
Mount Liberation Unlimited – Ganglek Fran Nybohovsbacken [Woodsmen & Ladylog] // Sweden
Bo Hansson – Attic Thoughts [Silence] // Sweden
Hoola Bandoola Band – Keops Pyramid (live version) [MNW] // Sweden
Mikael Ramel – Langt In I Naturen [Sonet] // Sweden
Dungen – Bandhagen [Subliminal Sounds] // Sweden
Sabu Martinez – Puertorican Rice And Beans [Mellotronen] // Sweden
Per Tjernberg – They Call Me [Rub-A-Dub Records] // Sweden
Addis Black Widow – Innocent [Breakin’ Bread] // Sweden
Theo Bubben – Lama Vibe (Unreleased)
Tom – Lagerman – Rainbow Skies (Unreleased)
Ulf Lundell – L-Bows & Kash (Kornel Kovacs Remix) [Parlophone] // Sweden
Golden Ivy – Vanda Blad [Fasaan Records] // Sweden
Fia Nystrom – Det Ar Forsent [Polar] // Sweden
Baba Stiltz – Sexy Daniel [Flogsta Danshall] // Sweden
The Latin Kings – Shuno [Redline Records] // Sweden
Ralph Lundsten – Diskophrenia (Original Mix) [Svek] // Sweden
Whale ft. Bus75 – Four Big Speakers [Hut Recordings] // Sweden
Unknown – Untitled
Ludwig El Blaus – Baleacid [Forthcoming]
Whisper Bay Route – Away [Forthcoming on Studio Barnhus]