20170322 Jonny Rock

The Plug Inn presented by Jonny Rock // 21-03-17

A monthly Plug Inn show from Jonny Rock, London based DJ and boss of the Turkish-focussed Hamam House and Disco Hamam labels.



Brother Bear – I Want Your Sex [Soundcloud Download] // US
Inside Out – Do You Need Some Love [Unknown] // Unknown
Julia Love – Unknown [Unreleased] // Unknown
Denis Mpunga and Paul K – Funyaka [Music From Memory] // Netherlands
Volt-Face – Vol Direk (Kejeblos Remix) [Phantom Island] // France
The Stone – Hooked On Your Love (Unknown Remix) // US
Tokyo Matt – Moonlight Editsu [Unknown] // Japan
Sjunne Ferger – This World [Fat Records & Tapes] // Sweden
Jonny Rock – Torch Dub [Oldschool Rider] // US
Split Seconds – The Joint (Red Axes Remix) [Thrown Of Blood] // Israel
Jahkey B – Earth and Heaven [Magnet Sounds] // UK
Jesse Rose feat. Red Eye – Insisting on Existing [Play It Down] // US
Remi Mazet & Guilhem – Sunny T [Low Key] // France
Bony Mballa ‎– Asu Dzom [White Label] // Cameroon
Makadem – K’o Prijatelj Njene Kuce [Legalise Lambada] // Kenya
Puccio Roelens – Northern Lights [RCA] // Italy
Kibris Dortlusu – Herseyin Yalan [Super Stereo] // UK
Tayfun & Stardust International – Without Your Love [Diskotur] // Turkey
Anelidi – Kad Bi Postojala Žena [Diskos] // Croatia
Claude Rodap – Tempete [Fregate Studio] // Martinique
Arthur Russell – Close My Eyes [Rough Trade] // US
Brother Bear – 4 Ebony and Ivory [Unreleased] // US
Ingrid – A Dream [Polydor] // UK
Lucio Battisti – To Fall In Love [RCA Victor] // Italy
Abijah – Nah Give Up To Day [Cali Bud] // Jamaica