20170103 Thris Tian

Thris Tian // 10-02-17

Thris Tian is a DJ, former Boiler Room and NTS host and one of our station leads, presenting new releases everyday from the London underground and beyond.

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Yasmine Hamdan – arab [Unreleased]
Jamire Williams – Collaborate With God ft. Chassol [Leaving Records] // US
Sampha – Plastic 100c [Young Turks Recordings] // UK
Lil Yuri – Ice Princess [White Label] // US
Fabiano Do Nascimento – Louva-A-Deus ‘Mantis’ [Now Again] // US
Malawi Mouse Boys – Manja (Clap Your Hands) [Independent Records Ltd.] // UK
Spoko & Aguayo – Dirty Dancing [Comeme] // Argentina
James Hadfield (ft. Danny Linton) – Soak (Axel Bowman Remix) [Me Me Me] // Mexico
Lone – Forthcoming [R&S Records] // Belgium
Hidden Spheres – Untitled [Forthcoming]
Kutmah – Soundtrack [White Label] // Berlin
Unknown – Untitled
Mamo Lagbema – Love, Music & Dance (Cervo Edit) [Mamo Disque] // Togo
Phrased – Pushing (303 Jazz Mix) [International Black] // UK
Alton Miller ft. Maurissa Rose – Bring Me Down (Theo Parrish Edit) [Sound Signature] // US
Afshin & Alex Finkin – Mighty High (My Grooves Edit) [The Djoon Experience] // France
Onra – Every Little Thang [White Label]
Piri – Reza Brava [Quartin] // Brazil
Xaos – Processional [Independent Records Ltd.] // UK
Sudan Tapes – Al Balbil Solo [Habibi Funk Records] // Germany
Efde – My Bleep (Ambient Mix) [Voyage Direct] // Netherlands
Omar – Feeds My Mind [Freestyle Records] // UK
Rob Shields – Adjani [Yen] // UK
Ishmael Ensemble – Kito’s Theme [Banoffee Pies] // UK
Bargou 08 – Tarjaachi Layem [Glitterbeat Records] // Germany
Ron Obvious – Man Ray [International Black] // UK