20170117 Thris Tian and Isis O'Regan

Thris Tian with Isis O’Regan (Room for Rebellion) // 17-01-17

Thris Tian comes to the studio with armfuls of wax he picked up during his recent excursion to Lisbon, Portugal.

He is joined by guest Isis O’Regan, who guides sensitive and informative discussion on the abortion laws of Northern and the Republic of Ireland. Organisation Room for Rebellion will be holding two sister fundraisers to support the Coalition to Appeal the Eighth Amendment which prevents women access to legal and safe abortion, even in extreme cases – one at Wigwam, Dublin, and another at Rye Wax, South London. Both nights feature a lineup of established DJs throwing their weight behind the rights of their sisters. You can find more information on the Repeal the Eighth campaign at repealeight.ie and at abortionrightscampaign.ie.

Isis will be bringing a selection of the Rebel’s favorite tracks to play, focusing on a smooth blend of electronic sounds, from house to some (morning friendly) techno.

You can follow Room for Rebellion on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


Akimbo – Irworobongdo [Total Unity] // South Korea
Edith Peters – This Is The Moment [Cipiti] // Italy
Vince Vella – Cosmic Dog [VV] // UK
Melchior Sultana – Early Bird // UK
Skee Mask – Spaced Out [Ilian Tape] // Germany
Oscar Jerome – You Take Me [self released] // UK
Gabriel Garzon-Montano – Crawl [Stones Throw] // US
Omar – Hold Me Closer [Freestyle] // UK
Grupo Batuque – Read Between The Lines [Far Out Recordings] // UK
Collocutor – Here To There To Everywhere [On The Corner] // UK
Jamie Lidell – When I Come Back Around (Matthew Herbert’s Long Night Dub) [Accidental Jnr] // UK
Mike Steva – ReSoulution (Simbad Solution) [Unknown]
Oceans Blue – Novelty [Unknown]
Mechatok – Toke [Staycore] // Sweden
Gnork – Big Dipper [Magicwire] // UK
Dionne – Come Get My Lovin’ (Remix) [Bigshot] // Canada
Bass Is Base feat. Syndicate 305 – The Spirit (Haunted Dub) [Hi-Bias] // Canada
DVS1 – Black Russian [Klockworks] // Germany
Andrea Parker – The Swamp [Quatermass] // Belgium