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A celebration of Piano Day throughout March on Worldwide FM

Piano Day

Started by Nils Frahm and a group of likeminded people, Piano Day is a worldwide event that celebrates the piano in all its glory. Taking place on the 88th day of the year (to match the number of keys on a piano), it is marked by a series of events that celebrates the performers, composers, builders, tuners, movers and listeners.

This year we’ve teamed up with FLOAT, who host one the London events on 29th March – an evening of piano, grime, jazz and dance, joined by Norwegian composer Bugge Wesseltoft, MC Trim & Matthew Bourne and Berlin-based percussionist Andrea Belfi with Dead Light.

Piano Day Preview: Sofia Ilyas with Francis Redman // 06-03-17 // 2-4PM GMT

Sofia Ilyas of FLOAT presents two hours of piano music spanning hip-hop, soundtrack, traditional and everything in between.

Piano Day Preview: Matthew Bourne // 10-03-17 // 12-2PM GMT

Visionary pianist and composer Matthew Bourne ventures south from his rural Yorkshire home to present two hours live from London.

Piano Day Review: Bugge Wesseltoft, Andrea Belfi (Live), Dead Light (Live) & Piano Day Highlights // 31-03-17 // 12-2PM GMT

Exclusive interviews and performances with Bugge Wesseltoft, Andrea Belfi and Dead Light, alongside some highlights from the London event, hosted by FLOAT at Union Chapel.


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