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Worldwide FM Upfront Playlist: July 2018

The Worldwide FM Upfront Playlist is a carefully curated selection of new music from around the world. It looks forward to the tracks that’ll make an impact in the month ahead, including both new and unreleased music and some old unearthed gems. Catch these tracks on rotation daily; 9-9.45AM and 6-7PM... continue reading

Morning Mari* Album of the Week 20th-25th August

Dirty Projectors - Lamp Lit Prose [Domino]   This week's Morning Mari* album of the week comes from Dirty Projectors with Lamp Lit Prose, via Domino. Lamp Lit Prose comes just over year from 2017's self-titled album but Lamp Lit Prose is a rebirth. It is an album of new hopes, new ideas &... continue reading

Detroit: Mothership Connection

We are delighted to be sonically visiting and celebrating the city that brought so much to our music landscape here at Worldwide FM as we spend the week celebrating the city of Detroit. As a city, Detroit has been responsible for key contributors across the whole spectrum of music from Jazz to Hip Hop... continue reading

Morning Mari* Album of the Week 13th-17th August

Mndsgn - Snax [Ringgo Records)] This week's Morning Mari* album of the week comes from Mndgsn with Snax, out now on Ringgo Records. LA-based musician and producer Ringgo Ancheta, a.k.a. Mndsgn, is a master of tastefully blending together R&B, soul, jazz, and boogie aesthetics. Mndsgn has released... continue reading

Book Of The Week: Kitch by Anthony Joseph

Kitch: a Fictional Biography of a Calypso Icon, Anthony Joseph's partly-imagined biography of Lord Kitchener could hardly be more timely, as the 70th anniversary of the Empire Windrush arriving at Tilbury Docks has revitalised the British public's appreciation and consideration of a seismic migrational... continue reading

Morning Mari* Album of the Week 6th – 10th August

Haruomi Hosono - Omni Sight Seeing [Epic/Light In The Attic] This week on Morning Mari* our album of the week is Omni Sight Seeing by Haruomi Hosono, originally released via Epic Records in 1989. It has now been reissued via Light In The Attic. The prolific Haruomi Hosono is one of the major architects... continue reading

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