This coming week, Worldwide FM is supporting the important #endaids2030 cause.

Listen every morning from 10am as Tina Edwards and Erica McKoy mark the week leading up to World AIDS Day and EndAIDS2030 Festival with brilliant guests, music and discussion. Here you will find on-demand shows with Femi Kuti, Denim, HIV Voices, Club Kali and more as we broadcast them.

Monday – Tina Edwards and Denim

Tuesday – Erica McKoy and Femi Kuti

Wednesday – Erica McKoy and HIV Voices

Thursday – Erica McKoy and Club Kali

Friday – Tina Edwards and Ash Kotek

AIDS related deaths have reduced by more than 51% since the peak in 2004 and 20 million people now have access to antiretroviral (ARV) treatment. But last year alone 1 million people still lost their lives to AIDS- related illnesses and half of those in need of life-saving drugs don’t have access to them. 36.9 million [31.1 million–43.9 million] people globally were living with HIV in 2017. Every week, around 7000 young women aged 15–24 years acquire HIV.

We have the tools to end AIDS by 2030 but we can only finish the job if we all unite together behind the cause and our Governments prioritise the issue and increase funding. For these reasons Worldwide FM are supporting this important drive and raising awareness of brilliant creative projects, activists and discussion around HIV and AIDS.

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