Selección Mexicana

On May 2, a ship named La Montaña set sail from Isla Mujeres, Mexico and headed towards Europe. La Montaña is one of the Zapatista’s delegations which will travel through different European countries in a trip that’s been denominated 'Travesía por la Vida' or Journey for Life, European Chapter. Sabotaje presents a selection of songs that symbolise the sea, the water, and the trips that the indigenous peoples undertook while defending their territories and liberty.

Sabotaje Media is a media platform focused on narrating, navigating and mapping subaltern realities: those which live and breathe in the margins and the urban environment. Along with others, we are responsible for curating events such as Rebajado MX and supporting Sonidero culture and musical groups within Monterrey. We document the crossroads where politics, music and culture meet. We use audio-visual remixes as the primary tool in understanding our epoch. We play live as Sonidero Sabotaje.

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