Brownswood Basement

Brownswood Basement: Gilles Peterson with Nicola Conte and Nu Guinea

Nicola Conte Nicola Conte is an Italian DJ, producer, guitarist, and bandleader. He gained popularity early in his career for introducing an innovative style of acid jazz. Nicola Conte handpicks an hour of his favourite music in celebration of the release of his latest album. Nu Guinea Rising stars Nu... continue reading

Brownswood Basement: Gilles Peterson with Domenico Lancellotti, Sean O’Hagan, Stephane San Juan and Nina Miranda

Domenico Lancellotti Renowned Brazilian drummer for the likes of Gilberto Gil and member of the now-defunct +2. Domenico is in London for a solo show at Cafe OTO, as well as playing with Gilberto Gil. For this session he and some friends get together at the Brownswood Basement to celebrate Domenico’s... continue reading