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Ece Ozel

Winds & Skins with Ece & Debora

Ece (Love Vinyl) and Debora get together for a monthly show of unrestricted cuts and curious finds from all over the world. Listen with open minds, ears and hearts, ready to stir up the Winds and Beat the Skins.continue reading

WW Istanbul: Debora Ipekel with Sercan & Firat Sezgin, Alphan Nukhan & Ece Ozel

WW Istanbul: Debora Ipekel with Sercan & Firat Sezgin, Alphan Nukhan & Ece Ozel // 19-04-17 Debora Ipekel explores the vibrant music scene of her hometown Istanbul through fresh talent, local diggers, and hidden gems straight out of where East meets West. Running Order Debora Ipekel Sercan... continue reading