Rush Hour Records In-Store: Esa with Legowelt (Live) & Gilb’r

Legowelt Bunker records family-member Legowelt made his name in the Dutch West Coast scene by infusing Chicago and Detroit sounds with his own personal twist. The producer joins us for a career-spanning live-set from the heart of Amsterdam. Gilb'R Gilb'R is a programmer and DJ for the legendary Parisian... continue reading

WW Sète: Simbad with Esa and Poirier

A daily broadcast from Worldwide Festival in Sète, France. The lunchtime session is live from canal-side restaurant La Villa, hosted by the Worldwide FM family and features music and conversation with guests from the festival.continue reading

Esa presents: Hello Sailor Records with Renata Do Valle

Fortnightly show by London based South African, Esa Williams presents friends, sounds from his travels and new discoveries. Esa welcomes Renata Do Valle, founder of Brooklyn based vinyl imprint Hello Sailor Records.  continue reading

Synth Day: Esa with Lapalux, Trevor Jackson, Caro & Yumiko Ohno

We mark Bob Moog's birthday with Synth City, a day of celebration of synthesised music. In collaboration (Tel Aviv) and Dublab, (LA) we take the baton with a two hour broadcast, hosted by our resident DJ Esa Williams, featuring some of our most treasured wielders of the synthesiser and... continue reading

Esa presents Rent-A-Disc Special

A fortnightly show by London based South African, Esa Williams presents friends, sounds from his travels and new discoveries, this week hosting a Rent-a-Disc special.continue reading

Esa with Ata Kak

A fortnightly show from London based South African, Esa Williams shares his musical discoveries and story of his travels. For this show Esa welcomes Ata Kak and His Band which he band leads and tour manages."continue reading