Ezra Collective

Drummer’s Inc. with Femi (Ezra Collective) and Jake Long

Drummer's Inc. with Femi (Ezra Collective) and Jake Long // 03/01/17 // South London's Ezra Collective made massive waves in 2016 and we're sure 2017 will bring in even more big movements. Femi represents with special guest Jake Long who he tips a one to watch this year – aficionados of UK jazz will... continue reading

Drummers Inc: Femi (Ezra Collective)

Drummers Inc: Femi (Ezra Collective) // 30-11-16 Femi from the Ezra Collective takes over Worldwide FM for a two-hour Drummers Inc. guest mix.continue reading

Femi Koleoso (Ezra Collective)

Femi Koleoso, drummer in experimental jazz outfit, Ezra Collective, drops by to chat with Gilles about his work and influences. Tracklist Ezra Collective - Colonial Mentality // UK Cultural Roots ‎– Jah No Partial [Revolutionary Sounds] // US Dambala ‎– Zimbabwe [Music Hive Records] // UK Ezra... continue reading