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Jeff Parker

Jazz Special Paul Bradshaw with Jeff Parker

Paul Bradshaw welcomes Jeff Parker, Los Angeles based avant-garde electronic, rock, and improvisational guitar player, was in town for Ronnie Scott Gig. Based on his latest album "The New Breed” released last year, Paul Bradshaw and Jeff plays music based on guitar music and beyond.continue reading

WWFM LA – Jeff Parker

Jeff Parker brought a whole band down for a live set this week in LA. And what a band! Featuring Jeff Parker - electric guitar, Josh Johnson - sax and keyboards, Jamire Williams - drums, Paul Bryan - bass , Ruby Parker - vocals.continue reading

Live from Redgate Recorders: LA takeover with Jeremy Sole

LA takeover with Jeremy Sole // 04-01-17 // 8PM-2AM GMT (12-6PM PST) The third broadcast of our new Los Angeles weekly show, this time at Red Gate Studios. This week our host Jeremy Sole kicks off the session with guest Esinam before bringing in Jeff Parker for a live performance (hold tight for the... continue reading