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Kieran Yates

Kieran Yates with NAO // 08-03-17

Journalist Kieran Yates welcomes NAO, singer-songwriter, producer and Brit nominee of Best Female Artist based in East London, to the Brownswood label HQ for a two hour session. Kieran pinpoints her best female artists (with lots of UK choices) plus a brief journey through music of India, before... continue reading

Emma Warren with Kieran Yates & 808Ink // 27-02-17

A monthly show from journalist and broadcaster Emma Warren. She's joined by fellow journalist and documentary-maker Kieran Yates talking about the new wave of girls in grime, and has an hour with south London hip-hop group 808Ink talking about the old and new sounds that are feeding into their musical... continue reading

Emma Warren

Emma Warren returns for two hours of musical gems and interviews with Kieran Yates and DJ Taye. Tracklist Yoshinori Hayeshi fest. Osaruxo - Waterwheel Scenery [Jinn Records] // Japan Julian Mayorga - La Niña Cuántica [RBMA] // Spain Delroy Edwards - Trouble Nut [L.A Club Resource] // USA Mo Kolours... continue reading