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Kiki Hitomi

Oto Nova Japan 音の波: Mari* with Manabu Shimada, Yosi Horikawa and WaqWaq Kingdom

Manabu Shimada Manabu Shimada is a Japanese sonic artist based in London and Tokyo. His artistic work includes performances, installations and exhibitions predominantly in Europe. Alongside his technical skills he has worked as a composer and sound designer for many years, working with companies such... continue reading

Sounds System Culture Special: Roger Robinson with Kiki Hitomi

UK meets Japan meets Berlin for this sound system culture special from Brownswood basement. Dub poet Roger Robinson has his roots in both Trinidad and the UK. He's in studio with Japanese Germany based collective Waq Waq Kingdom, DJ Scotch Egg and Kiki Hitomi, Japanese vocalist who fuses reggae, '50s... continue reading