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Paul Bradshaw

Straight No Chaser: Paul Bradshaw With Val Wilmer

On March 1st 2018 Val Wilmer's  As Serious As Your Life: Black Music and the Free Jazz Revolution, 1957–1977  is re-issued as a Serpent's Tail Classic with a supa-fresh foreword by Richard Williams. continue reading

Paul Bradshaw

After a ten year hiatus Straight No Chaser – #SNC98 – fleetingly appeared on the street before rapidly selling out in early October. Chaser’s Paul Bradshaw present’s this bi-monthly show that scans some of the highlights of 2017... and looks ahead to what might feature in #SNC99.continue reading

Straight No Chaser: Paul Bradshaw with Jean-Claude (If-Music)

Paul Bradshaw is founder of Straight No Chaser, with a record collection that matches the depth and variety of his iconic magazine. Paul presents two hours dedicated to new jazz releases and rare finds joined by If-Music's Jean-Claude.continue reading

Jazz Special: Paul Bradshaw with Lander Lenaerts

As part of an extended monthly jazz special, Paul Bradshaw welcomes Belgian vinyl collector and jazz writer Lander Lenaerts, the compiler of ‘Let's Get Swinging: Modern Jazz in Belgium 1950-1970’.continue reading

Jazz Special Paul Bradshaw with Jeff Parker

Paul Bradshaw welcomes Jeff Parker, Los Angeles based avant-garde electronic, rock, and improvisational guitar player, was in town for Ronnie Scott Gig. Based on his latest album "The New Breed” released last year, Paul Bradshaw and Jeff plays music based on guitar music and beyond.continue reading