Philippe Cohen Solal

WW Paris: Philippe Cohen Solal re-opens the doors of the Hash Club, a journey through the Paradis Artificiels

As part of our Fete de la Musique celebrations, this show explores a variety of live performances provided by the artists that Gotan Project's Philippe Cohen Solal invited during his Hash Club of Paris two months ago. Featuring Maia Barouh, Marie Modiano & Peter Von Poehl, Chassol, Féloche,... continue reading

WW NOLA Day 2: Gilles Peterson with Yisrael trio and Phillipe Cohen Solal (Gotan Project)

Gilles Peterson hosts daily talks with Jazz Fest artists broadcast on Worldwide FM New Orleans every morning during Six of Saturns, live from Three Keys. Gilles talks to Yirmeyau (Sax & Drums), Yah’El (Piano), and Dr. Lud Ysrael (Musical Director & Sax) from Yisrael Trio. The siblings... continue reading