Whities with Tasker, Reckonwrong, Coby Sey & Jembut

Whities is a techno sublabel of Young Turks, based in London and run by Tasker. He'll be joined by labelmates Reckonwrong, Coby and Jembut to play sounds to move your feet. Follow Whities on Twitter.continue reading

Tasker and Reckonwrong

Nick Tasker, of Whities record label, and Reckonwrong mixing it up playing a fusion of new wave, dancehall and experimental global sounds. Track list Tasker in selection Severed Heads - Beautiful Arabic Surface [Bughit] // US Oren Ambarchi - Hubris (pt 1) [Hubris] // Austria Untitled Okzharp & Manthe... continue reading