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Roger Robinson

Paul Bradshaw with Roger Robinson

Horsedreamer is a conversation and the story of their ancestral roaming. The EP comes from BEATING DRUM, the label run by Piers Faccini, and the new songs champion the anti hero and draws parallels with radical survival in the present political and economic climate. Taking its influences from Narcocorridos... continue reading

Spoken Word Special: Roger Robinson with Terrance Hayes

Roger Robinson speaks to Terrence Hayes, acclaimed poet and poetry editor of The New York Times about his love of music, lyrics and poetry with music and the influence of music in his work.continue reading

Sounds System Culture Special: Roger Robinson with Kiki Hitomi

UK meets Japan meets Berlin for this sound system culture special from Brownswood basement. Dub poet Roger Robinson has his roots in both Trinidad and the UK. He's in studio with Japanese Germany based collective Waq Waq Kingdom, DJ Scotch Egg and Kiki Hitomi, Japanese vocalist who fuses reggae, '50s... continue reading

Roger Robinson with The Last Poets (Reloop) // 30-03-17 // 2-4PM BST

Poet Roger Robinson takes the reigns for an extended words and music show with the godfathers of hip-hop, The Last Poets. Long-time friends of Gil, they share memories of some past encounters and struggles with the spoken word giant.continue reading

Roger Robinson

Gilles Peterson is joined by the acclaimed dub-poet Roger Robinson for music and conversation. Tracklist The Last Poets - Be [Celluloid Records] // US Yanto Mita - Memory Band Harmonites - Osapo [Charlies Records] // Barbados Jayme Marques - Osapo [BMG] // Brazil Linton Kwesi Johnson - Dread Beat An’... continue reading

Roger Robinson with The Last Poets

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