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WaqWaq Kingdom

Oto Nova Japan 音の波: Mari* with Manabu Shimada, Yosi Horikawa and WaqWaq Kingdom

Manabu Shimada Manabu Shimada is a Japanese sonic artist based in London and Tokyo. His artistic work includes performances, installations and exhibitions predominantly in Europe. Alongside his technical skills he has worked as a composer and sound designer for many years, working with companies such... continue reading

Gilles Peterson: Worldwide FM Top 10 Live – Best of May

Album of the Month: Nubya Garcia - Hold (Alternate Take) [Jazz:Refreshed] // UK The young saxophonist is one of the ringleaders in an exciting new generation of jazz musicians in London. After becoming known on the circuit for her work in bands like Collocutor, Nérija, Maisha and the Theon Cross Trio,... continue reading