Morning Mari* Album of the Week 11-15 March

cro-magnon – cro-magnon city [Jazzy Sport]

Morning Mari*’s album of the week for March 11-15 is “cro-magnon city” by cro-magnon out on Jazzy Sport on the 9th of March.

Rich flavor of roots music like Soul, Jazz, Funk, Disco, Latin, Reggae/Dub etc.. and groove of beat music like HipHop, House, Techno. Put all of these essence together and evolving with eclectic feeling and superb rendering performance, the 3 piece band, cro-magnon.

After releasing of previous 5th album『V』(2014), cro-magnon has achieved more than 40 live acts all over Japan. They have been invited to major music festivals and parties and always overwhelmed audiences. In tandem with live acts, they have been released『cro-magnon-jin』, the collaboration album with DJ JIN from legendary Japanese Hip Hop unit “RHYMESTER”, Tsuyoshi Kosuga (Gt. & Bass) and Shigekazu Otake (Dr. & Per.) has joined with the super jam band consists of domestic elite jazz musicians “Selim Slive Elementz”,  Takumi Kaneko has started crossover/chillout unit “Coastlines” with DJ/producer Masanori Ikeda. As a band as an individual, they have been developing their music activities energetically.

The idea and inspiration throughout those experiences created the long-awaited new album『cro-magnon city』for the first time in 5 years. Physical beat/groove, radical and progressive idea, mature performance created gem of 12 tracks in this new album. Remarkable guest musician is Dengaryu and BLAHRMY (SHEEF THE 3RD & MILES WORD).

Widespread music world, deep taste of maturational ensemble and arrangement, this new masterpiece is indeed as enduring.

1. Big Ship
2. New Circle Of Children
3. Heisei Feat. Tengaryu
4. Three On Four
5. Valley Of Pigeon
6. Rhythm Killer
7. Castle In The Air
8. Funky DownTown
9. Prisoner Feat. BLAHRMY
10. Skit -Badbadnotbad-
11. Cro-Magnon City
12. Higurashi


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