Morning Mari* Album of the Week 27th-31st August

Djrum – Portrait With Firewood [R&S Records]

This week’s Morning Mari* album of the week comes from Djrum with Portrait With Firewood, via R&S Records.

In ‘Portrait With Firewood’, Felix drifts away from his previous sampleadelic approach and embraces his childhood instrument piano as the core of the album to redirect his range of feelings and emotions.

Released in August 2018, Djrum aka Felix has managed to combine his classical jazz background with new approaches expanded to experimentation with field recording, contact micing his beloved piano and purchasing his first hardware synth, all in service of enriching the personal, humane quality of the record.

With the inspiration from Marina Abramovic, he collaborated with cellist Zosia Jagodzinska and vocalist Lola Empire to create many layers of pitched new melodic lines that’s audible throughout the album.

The founder and the head of A&R of R&S Records, Renaat Vandepapeliere joined Gilles Peterson on the Psychology of DJing this month to discuss his career as a DJ and a producer. Check out the show here.


01. Unblocked
02. Waters Rising
03. Creature pt.1
04. Creature pt.2
05. Sex
Blue Violet
07. Sparrows
08. Showreels Pt.3
09. Blood In My Mouth

Piano performed by Felix Manuel
Cello by Zosia Jagodzinska
Vocals by Lola Empire

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