Morning Mari* Album of the Week 29 October-2 November



This week’s Morning Mari* album of the week is Radio Highlife by Auntie Flo, out on the 12th of October, 2018 on Brownswood Recordings.

Auntie Flo joined the Brownswood Recordings roster to deliver his third and most ambitious album to date. The Glasgow-raised producer, of Goan-Kenyan heritage, has often featured collaborators from different spots he’s visited, and this new record takes that approach to another level. Contributions come from a globetrotting cast of friends, including Laurie Pitt, of Glasgow’s Golden Teacher, Senegalese multi-instrumentalist Mame ndiack, UK producer and singer Andrew Ashong and Cuban percussionist Yissy Garcia.

Regularly touring to DJ in various cities around the world, it’s a pursuit that’s gone hand-in-hand with the global slant of his music – with the local radio often being his first introduction to new cities. It follows in the path of Glasgow’s Highlife club night which he co-founded, playing music from West Africa and Latin America which broke out of the city’s house and techno mould. Likewise, his own music has always been laced with percussion, ideas and inspirations that reflect a far-reaching perspective.

Inspired by years of travel in search of global sounds, this project moulds culture and experience into a warm, coherent and always uplifting body of work.

The record offers brief snapshots into different pockets of the world through field recordings and skits from locals. One moment we groove through Cuba, the next we dance in Cape Town. Rooted in percussive expression and tribal energy, ‘Radio Highlife’ is a joyous whistle stop tour through Planet Earth.

It arrives as the natural companion piece to his Radio Highlife show on Worldwide FM. You can listen to the latest episode here where he explained and focused on Radio Highlife.


1.Life Is High
2.Nobody Said It Would Be Easy
3.Havana Rhythm Dance (Feat. Andrew Ashong)
5.Radio Souk
6.Lights In The Northern Sky
7.Western Princes
8.Inga’s Choir
9.Malawi Skit
10.Cape Town Jam
11.One Guitar (Feat. Dan Mugula)
13.Magic Stones Skit
14.Mame’s Story (Feat. Mame ndiack)

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