Morning Mari* Album of the Week 7 – 11 May

Visit Malphino, Malphino [Lex, 2018]

Our album in the spotlight on Morning Mari* this week comes from London based Cumbia collective, Malphino. Their debut release, Visit Malphino, is a magical mystery tour of the traditional music of Latin America.

The seventeen track album transcends the borders of South America, with nods to Brazilian Forro, Cuban Rumba, Peruvian Chicha and, of course, Cumbia. With a dose of electronic sequencing, Malphino create a traditional sound with a twist, taking us on a joyful and curious dreamlike journey through the sonic landscape of South America, via Hackney.

With members of Malphino hailing from the UK, Malaysia, Japan, Columbia, the Philippines and France, this is a truly international band, creating unique, “outernational” music.

Malphino recently joined Kate Hutchinson for a chat and live session in the Brownswood Basement. Check out the show here.

1. Through The Arch
2. Molienda
3. Looking For Kiwanos
4. Interludio – The Caves Of Magdalena
5. The Sleep Tree
6. Kemu Kemu
7. Maglalang
8. Interterludio – The Coco Beach
9. Mi Malphino 82′
10. Ototoa
11. Interludio – Puerto Flamingo
12. Viento Del Mañana
13. Interludio – In The Jungle
14. Segunda Molienda
15. Impian Ku
16. Mono Barracho
17. La Bella Isla

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