Morning Mari* Album of the Week 8-12 October


This week’s Morning Mari* album of the week is Lefto presents Jazz Cats – Various Artists out on the 5th of October, 2018 on Sdban Ultra available on CD/2LP.

Compiled by Belgian DJ and eclectic connoisseur Lefto, ‘Jazz Cats’ showcases the next generation of Belgian jazz artists including the psychedelic jazz-fusion collective BRZZVLL, the outrageous BeraadGeslagen, radical experimentalists Steiger, electro-acoustic piano trio De Beren Gieren and futuristic funksters, STUFF.

With jazz seeing a resurgence over the last decade, an explosion of young musicians are exploring and experimenting with the sound and there is a renewal of energies, with Belgium at the forefront. From the youthful jazz iconoclasts of SCHNTZL and the Ethiopique inspired quintet Black Flower, to the jazzrock hybrid of Commander Spoon and one of the most distinguished Belgian jazz groups of the past ten years, LABtrio, ‘Lefto presents Jazz Cats’ is the perfect introduction to the current Belgian jazz scene and the artists currently making waves across Europe. “Undeniably, jazz has seen a revival in the last 5 to 10 years. It was never far away, be it hip hop, trip hop, dance music – it was always present,” says Lefto.

Growing up around jazz as a child, Lefto’s father would wake him up with the sounds of jazz flowing from the speakers and would often take him to dark and smoky bars around his home town of Brussels to hear the lastest Belgian jazz ensembles. Falling in love with jazz, he would later refine has knack for record digging while working at a record store in Brussels, immersing himself in hip hop and jazz. Other than being a DJ and a producer, he also curates his own stage at the Dour Festival and his own nights in Gent in collaboration with Democrazy.

Famed for his gloriously eclectic DJ sets and his effortless switches between hip hop, funk, breaks, neck-snapping beats, future bass, Lefto also has a weekly show called Earlybird with Lefto that you can listen here.

1. SCHNTZL – Lindbergh
2. BRZZVLL – De Vlijtige Kip
3. 2 Times Nothing – Fuckbox
4. LABtrio – Elevator
5. Glass Museum – Tribal Coffee
6. Steiger – Part One
7. De Beren Gieren – Oude Beren
8. Black Flower – Artifacts
9. Commander Spoon – Introducing – Part III
10. Compro Oro – Bombarda
11. STUFF. – strata
12. Mazzle – Hikari Park
13. Madame Blavatsky – Steak In The Neck
14. Collective Conscience – Takeoff
15. BeraadGeslagen – Suikerbeat
16. Pudding oO – Hiza Hiza Hey


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