Morning Mari* Album of the Week for 26-30 November


This week’s Morning Mari* album of the week is Jungle By Night‘s 5th album, ‘Livingstone’ out on the 12th of November on Rush Hour Recordings.

The nine-piece instrumental collective from Amsterdam, Jungle by Night consists of Pieter van Exter (tenor sax), Ko Zandvliet (trombone), Bo Floor (trumpet), Jac van Exter (guitar), Pyke Pasman (keys), Peter Peskens (bass), Sonny Groeneveld (drums), Tienson Smeets (percussion), Gino Groeneveld (percussion).

Nine years ago, nine friends founded a collective rooted in strange sounds from unfamiliar places. Combining their tastes and an untameable hunger for music at a young age. Almost a decade of heating up dance floors across the globe later they have reached manhood. Jungle by Night fuses passion, friendship and influences from krautrock, dance, jazz and afro beat into an instrumental power house, fluently speaking the language of their instruments (and each other).

The band is an oddball ensemble within its own cosmos. A danceable and thundering live-act, connecting with crowds like no other, radiating fun and energy along the way. On its home turf in the Netherlands, the band has performed at legendary festivals like North Sea Jazz and Lowlands multiple times, while calling Amsterdam’s Paradiso its living room, selling out the iconic venue over ten times. Through the years, Jungle By Night has rocked over 450 shows in 24 countries, hitting the hallowed grounds of Glastonbury, Fuji Rock and Montreal Jazz, Rough Trade NYC and playing gigs in all European capitals. Late 2018 marks the release of their fifth album on the widely renowned Rush Hour Records.

Livingstone sees Jungle By Night exploring new depths. They have honed their sound, sharpening its edges with a new-found clarity and bolstering their synergetic energy into a uniform vision that has been shaped by nine lives, personalities and tastes. Livingstone was out on the 12th of November, 2018.


1. Hangmat
2. Pompette
3. Ja Precis
4. Love Boat
5. Stormyogel
6. Hum In Bell
7. Spectacles part 1
8. Spectacles part 2
9. The Fog
10. Spending Week
11. Café Crème

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