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Morning Mari*’s Album of the Week, 15-19 January

Penya, Super Liminal [On the Corner Records] (2017)

Every morning on Worldwide FM, we play a track from our album of the week. This week we focus our attention on the hypnotic rhythms of Super Liminal, the debut LP from Afro-Latin collective Penya.

The LP takes its name from ‘liminality’, the state of disorientation said to occur during the middle stages of ritual practice. Percussive patterns, produced on traditional instruments, interweave with chant-like vocals. The result is a collection of ecstatic, mesmeric yet uplifting sounds and rhythms.  


On the Corner label boss Pete is one of our significant hosts on Worldwide FM, introducing musicians like Msafiri Zawose from Tanzania and Polish jazz Band Wojtek Mazolewski.

You can catch his monthly show on Worldwide FM every third Wednesday at 2PM. On the Corner Records has been championed by Gilles Peterson, with Makadem & Behr nominated For The Gilles Peterson Worldwide Awards this year.

Super Liminal Tracklist:
A1 Search It Out (Reboot)
A2 Iyesa
A3 Why So Angry (Feat Daisho)
A4 Karachi (What Could Have Been)
B1 Cham Bomb
B2 Beat Your Demon
B3 Tribes
B4 Rootless (Part II)

Line Up:
Lilli Elina – Lead Vocal, Mbira, Bass Guitar
Viva Msimang – Backing Vocals, Trombone
Jim Le M – Backing Vocals, Bata Drums, Tambora, Alegre, Timbal
Magnus P.I – Backing Vocals, Telecaster, Synths, drum programming, assorted percussion

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