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Morning Mari*’s Album of the Week, 29 Jan-2 Feb

Fauna Mapping, Jonny Nash and Lindsay Todd [Island of the Gods, 2017]

Every morning on Worldwide FM, we play a track from our album of the week. This week, on Morning Mari*, we’ll be featuring the recent release from Indonesia based label, Island of the Gods. “Fauna Mapping”, by Jonny Nash and Lindsay Todd takes us on their unique sonic interpretation of the landscape and climate of Bali.

This beautiful twelve track LP is the outcome of Jonny Nash (Melody is Truth / Gaussian Curve) and Lindsay Todd’s (Firecracker Records) immersion in the Indonesian countryside. Searching for sounds and inspiration, they recorded for durations of up to twelve hours, as well as recording local musicians.

Building on a long tradition of electronic-minded musicians using field recordings, Nash and Todd took their audio findings back to the studio. Here they manipulated and processed them, layering them with a range of acoustic and electronic instruments. 

The result is an ambient, electronic rework of the country’s natural sounds. Evocative and atmospheric, this is one not to miss.

We were first introduced to the sounds of Jonny Nash and Lindsey Todd on WW Bali. Presented by Phil Cooper (Phat Phil), the show comes direct from the Island of The Gods once a month on Worldwide FM. 

The Gecko That Wore Its Skin Inside Out
Hotel Harriot
Kelahiran Kembar
Fauna Mapping
Petrol & Nag Champa
Kokokan (Heaven Herons Of Petulu)
No Pigeon
Pipe To Pipe Bushment
A Series Of Small Frogs
Mushroom Omelette (And The Now Prevailing Cosmic Anxiety)

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