Morning Mari*’s Album of the Week, 5 – 9 Feb

We Out Here, We Out Here [Brownswood Recordings, 2018]

This week on Morning Mari* we’re listening to the latest release from Brownswood Recordings, We Out Here. Celebrating London’s young jazz scene, the compilation features nine newly recorded tracks from spiritual jazz outfit Maisha, Afrobeat tipped Ezra Collective, drummer Moses Boyd, tuba player Theon Cross, saxophonists Nubya Garcia and Shabaka Hutchings, Triforce, Joe Armon-Jones and Afrobeat seven piece Kokoroko.

Directed by acclaimed saxophonist Shabaka Hutchings, the 2xLP was recorded in London over three days. With crossovers between groups and artists across the tracks, the record reveals the collaborative nature of a scene that has set London apart as a city for jazz and underground music.

Since Worldwide FM opened, it has been spotlighting the talents of young jazz musicians from London.  Many of the musicians on We Out Here have either presented a show or guested shows on Worldwide FM. Check out Kokoroko and Triforce live on Gilles Peterson’s Brownswood Basement show, as well as Gilles Peterson’s recent showcase of British Jazz, on the Lot Radio in New York.

Tracklist & Musicians

1. Maisha – ‘Inside The Acorn’
Jake Long – Drums, 
Nubya Garcia – Flute,
 Shabaka Hutchings – Bass Clarinet
Amané Suganami – Piano
, Twm Dylan – Double Bass, 
Tim Doyle – Percussion

2. Ezra Collective – ‘Pure Shade’
Femi Koleoso – Drums, 
TJ Koleoso – Bass
, Joe Armon-Jones – Piano
, James Mollison – Saxophone,
 Dylan Jones – Trumpet

3. Moses Boyd – ‘The Balance’
Moses Boyd – Drums,
 Theon Cross – Tuba, 
Nathaniel Cross – Trombone
, Artie Zaitz – Guitar
, Nubya Garcia – Saxophone

4. Theon Cross – ‘Brockley’
Theon Cross – Tuba, 
Nubya Garcia – Tenor Saxophone
, Moses Boyd – Drums

5. Nubya Garcia – ‘Once’
Nubya Garcia – Saxophone
, Joe Armon-Jones – Piano, 
Daniel Casimir – Double bass
, Femi Koleoso – Drums

6. Shabaka Hutchings – ‘Black Skin, Black Masks’
Shabaka Hutchings – Bass clarinet
, George Crowley – Clarinet
, Ruth Goller – Double bass, 
Alexander Hawkins – Piano, 
Tom Skinner – Drums

7. Triforce – ‘Walls’
Dominic Canning – Piano, 
Mansur Brown – Guitar, 
Ricco Komolafe – Bass
Benjamin Appiah – Drums

8. Joe Armon-Jones – ‘Go See’
Joe Armon-Jones – Piano, 
Nubya Garcia – Saxophone, 
Dylan Jones – Trumpet
Kwake Bass – Drums, 
Mutale Chashi – Bass
, Oscar Jerome – Guitar, 
Fabrice Bourgelle / Ruby Savage / Joe Armon-Jones / Shabaka Hutchings /
Nubya Garcia / Daniel Casimir – Vocals

9. Kokoroko – ‘Abusey Junction’
Sheila Maurice-Grey – Trumpet
, Cassie Kinoshi – Alto saxophone, 
Richie Seivwright – Trombone
, Oscar Jerome – Guitar
, Yohan Kebede – Keyboard, 
Onome Edgeworth – Percussion
, Mutale Chashi – Bass

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