Morning Mari*’s Album of the Week 5 – 9 March

Camarao, “The Imaginary Soundtrack to a Brazilian Western Movie, 1964-1974” [Analog Africa, 2018]

This week on Morning Mari we’re celebrating the joyful music of Brazilian accordionist and bandleader, Reginaldo Alves Ferreira, AKA Camarão. Compiled by Analog Africa, after a musical quest in Brazil, it’s an anthology of forró music, the traditional party music of North Eastern Brazil.

Born in 1940, Camarão was inspired by his father, a farmer, who would come home from long days in the fields and play the accordion. As a teenager, Camarão moved to Caruaru, the home of forró and the city that would launch his reputation and career. He later became known for transforming this regional musical style into a national phenomenon.

With accordion supported by bass drum, triangle and horns, each track is full of positive energy and tropical warmth. Collectively it’s the authentic sound of a Brazilian party, that you don’t want to miss.

Once a month, Worldwide FM broadcasts live from Brazil, with Kassin and Joao presenting music from their enormous collection, from MPB to rare 7″. They’ve also featured guest appearances from legendary musicians such as Marcos Valle and Joao Bosco. Catch up on their show here.


1. Retrato De Um Forro
2. A Casa De Anita
3. Rio Antigo
4. Sereia Do Mar
5. Xeem
6. Quem Vem Lá
7. Forrozinho Moderno
8. Vocé Passa, Eu Acho Graça
9. Xaxando Com Garibaldi
10. Não Interessa Não
11. Os Camaroes
12. Se Quiser Valer
13. Canarão No Oriente
14. De Serra Em Serra
15. A Cigana Ihe Enganou
16. Fim De Festa

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