Morning Mari*’s Album of the Week, April 30-May 4

“Loop-Finding-Jazz-Records Album” by Jan Jelinek [Faitiche, 2018]

This week at Worldwide FM, our album of the week comes from Berlin-based musician, producer and remixer Jan Jenilek. Originally a digital release back in 2001, “Looping-Finding-Jazz-Records” is a cult favourite and has been released for the first time on vinyl, courtesy of Jenilek’s label, “Faitiche“.

In this beautiful album, Jelinek pushes the boundaries of sampling, reinterpreting and rebuilding to produce a deep sonic experience. As the title suggests, the tracks sample jazz records, which are then processed to create minimal melodic loops and pulsating rhythmic patterns.

Jelinek employs a technique that he likens to a sonic version of the visual moiré effect – a pattern that’s created when two similar patterns are overlaid but rotated slightly. He loops one-second instrumental samples to create gitchy and minimal sounds, unrecognisable from their original forms.

01. Moiré (Piano & Organ)
02. Rock In The Video Age
03. They, Them
04. Them, Their
05. Moiré (Guitar & Horns)
06. Tendency
07. Moiré (Strings)
08. Do Dekor
09. Drift
10. Poren

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