Morning Mari*’s Album of them Week 19 – 24 March

“All Melody” by Nils Frahm [Erased Tapes, 2018]

Every morning on Morning Mari*, we play a track from our album of the week.  This week we’re focusing on the new release from Nils Frahm, All Melodyhis 7th studio album.

All Melody was born out of Nils Frahm’s vision to create and build his own studio, something he has spent the last two years doing at the historic East German Funkhaus building – a former broadcast facility. His work on the space included building a pipe organ and creating a mixing desk from scratch.

The result is a beautifully crafted work of textures and patterns – voices, synthesier, pipe organ, drum machiene and strings interweave and build, while maintaing the minimalism and sense of space he’s known for.

Opening with organ and vocal harmonies from the London based singers Shard (The Whole Universe Wants to Be Touched), the album builds through somber melodies and downbeat techno inspired percussion. At My Friend The Forest, the emphasis changes as we hear the familiar sound of Nils Frahm’s solo piano – minimal and melodic taking infuence from both the classical and jazz worlds.

Back in 2017, to celebrate their 10th anniversary, Erased Tapes hosted a four hour showcase on Worldwide FM, featuring their releases past and present, including a selection from Nils Frahm.

1. The Whole Universe Wants to Be Touched
2. Sunson
3. A Place
4. My Friend the Forest
5. Human Range
6. Forever Changeless
7. All Melody
8. #2
9. Momentum
10. Fundamental Values
11. Kaleidoscope
12. Harm Hymn

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