Aaron L

First broadcast date: 22 August 1970

Aaron L, from Stamp The Wax, plays some upfront favourites for his hour-long guest mix.


Patrick Cowley – Tomato Song [Dark Entries] // US
Al Etto – Hold On To Love [Cultures of Soul] // South Africa
Mix – Do You Do It? [Efficient Space] // Australia
Hysteric – Belly Dance Disco [Public Possession] // Australia
Slim – Stop Rewind [Banoffee Pies]
K-Lone & Ill Chill – Rare Jewels [Wych] // UK
Buttering Trio – From The Tree (Raw Tapes) // Israel
Roberto – Untitled [No Bad Days] // Canada
Unknown Artists Trance 2 [Tusk Wax] // UK
Mark Seven – Fatal Flaw in Disco (Saxapella) // Sweden
Conga Radio – Party Smokes [Good Timin’] // Canada
Jayda G – Fathom Five [1080p] // Canada
Max Graef – B.E [Apron] // Germany
D.Ball – Elements [Our Time] // UK
Untitled – Unknown [Mister Saturday Night] // US
Youandewan – Left on Lucy [Aus] // Germany
Earth Trax x Newborn Jr – Sax Track [Rhythm Section] // Poland


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