Banana Hill

First broadcast date: 9 April 2018

Banana Hill are a collective that began in Sheffield, filling the city’s warehouses with sounds of the global underground before laying down its roots in Manchester.

Headed up by Cervo and JVC, along with resident SNO, they host monthly parties showcasing music & artists from around the world. Vinyl releases from Majid Bekkas, Contours and XOA have also kick-started their journey as a record label.

Banana Hill bring together amazing sounds from around the globe. A love of all things afrobeat, jazz, kwaito, disco, house, neo-soul, techno, kuduro, hip hop and footwork are what the night and label are centred on.

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Sahel Sounds – Side A [Sahel Sounds]
Eli & Alex Wondergem – Old Evil Dwarfs [Akwaaba Music]
Stevo Atambire – Tanga [Akwaaba Music]
The Pyramid Project – Untitled [Unknown]
Ikenga Superstars of Africa – Soffri Soffri Catch Monkey (Beringei Edit) [Unreleased]
Orchestre Kiam – Yanga Yanga [Editions Vévé]
Sir Victor Uwaifo & His Melody Maestros – Agha [Hansonic Soundz]
Kawuku Sound – Untitled [Unreleased]
Francis Bebey – The Forest Nativity (Nala Edit) [Unknown]
Cervo – Something Will Come Out Good [Unreleased]
Kawuku Sound – Untitled [Unreleased]
Spooky J – Bugandachug [Unreleased]
Moktar Al Said – Tabla Solo 1 and 2 (Cervo Edit) [Unreleased]
Rey Sapiens – Kama Super Star [Unreleased]

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