Johnny Nash & Lindsay Todd – The Gecko That Wore It’s Skin Inside Out [Island of the Gods]
Calibro 35 – Modular [Records Kicks]
Lawrence Le Doux – Fabiola Riddim [VLEK]
Leonidas & Hobbes – Heavy Weather (Balearic Acid Mix) [Hobbes Music]
Jose Manuel – Lusaka [NuNorthern Soul]
Onra – Secretly [All City Records]
Alessandro Alessandroni – Underground Disco [Four Flies Records]
佐藤博 (Hiroshi Sato) – 空飛ぶじゅうたん (Flying Carpet) [Kitty Records]
RGB – Market [Ad Hoc]
Murun B and Ivor E – Nigel Clarke [Ears Have Eyes Recordings]
Moton Edits – Morning Shunt [Mowton]
Abbadon – No Est Compudable [UNKNOWN]
Junko Yagami – Zyohanasubargu [LABEL UNKNOWN]
New Born – Galaxy [PRIVATE PRESS]
Domoko Aran – I’m in love [LABEL UNKNOWN]
Peter Phillipe – Subway [LABEL UNKNOWN]
Siassias Talk – Escale [LABEL UNKNOWN]
Matt Orchestra – Night Time [LABEL UNKNOWN]
Madrid Groove – Sauve [LABEL UNKNOWN]
Sheila – Visvas [LABEL UNKNOWN]
Joe Zawinul – The Harvest [LABEL UNKNOWN]
Peter Ludermann / African Nightclub [Coloursound Library]
Sister Huber Band – Spring In Sunshine LABEL UNKNOWN]
Yunsang – At Dawn [LABEL UNKNOWN]
Swede machine – tunnel bana krup [LABEL UNKNOWN]

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