Jorgi – Del Colibri [Unknown]
Francis Rimbert – Fake Reggae [Unknown]
Elios Friends – Unknown [Unknown]
Song Hong Soup – Blue Summer [Unknown]
Euraf Yard Sound Große Systim – Cannibals [Euraf]
Keyboard – Savannah [Unknown]
Jimmy Blanche – La Nou Te Ye [Gefraco]
Herle Percussion – Untitled Track 1 [Unknown]
Olef Muskat – Old Croatia Waltzes [Unknown]
Ara Macao – Canyon [Venus]
The Pink Family – Don’t Give Your Life Away [Christian Ministries International]
Claude Belzane – Unknown [Musical Force]
Random Room #1 – Unknown [Unknown]

Phil Cooper

Dip In The Pool – Gladiolus (Breath Mix) [Moon records]
Miriam Makeba – I’mm You’mm We’mm [Disques Espérance]
Kensani Girls – Mtomeni [African Music Corporation]
Blair French – Spirit Guides (Long Version) [Fat Finger Cosmic]
Begin – Into The Fun [Love International Recordings]
Hatchback – Year Of The Dragon [Lo Recordings]
Jura Soundsystem – Udaberri Blues (Dub Version) [Temples Of Jura Records]
A.r.t. Wilson – Rachel’s Theme (Fire) [Growing Bin Records]
Ruf Dug – Ruffys Jungle Sensi [Ruf Kutz]
Trevino – Warmer [Birdie]
Maajo – Defo [Queen Nanny]
DJ Absolutely Shit – A Night At Shelleys Laserdome [Red Laser Records]

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