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Brownswood Basement from Buenos Aires: Gilles Peterson with Juana Molina, Pipi Piazzolla, Catnapp (Live), Paco, Federico Martinez Penna and Grant Dull & Tremor

First broadcast date: 30 November 2017

Gilles Peterson presents a weekly show based on his iconic Brownswood Basement. Gilles presents this session from Exiles Records, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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Juana Molina

Juana Molina has a career spanning five decades and seven studio albums, including releases on the iconic Crammed Discs. With her distinct electronica, folk and experimental sound, she has marked herself not only a national treasure in her native Argentina but an internationally renowned artist among critics and music lovers.


Catnapp combines R&B, rap, breakbeat, pop, drum and bass and other genres resulting in an intense and sometimes nostalgic atmosphere with fat beats.

Pipi Piazzolla

Drummer Pipi Piazzolla was born in 1972 in Buenos Aires and is the grandson of the great Astor Piazzolla. He is the founder of the Pipi Piazzolla Trio and the celebrated jazz fusion sextet Escalandrum.

Paco Gallardo

For over ten years, Paco Gallardo has run Exiles Records, a tastemaking record store in the heart of Palermo, Buenos Aires. Gallardo is also a musician with the Paco & Olmas band and and the record label branch of Exiles Records, with more than 20 releases of prominent Argentinean artists.

Federico Martinez Penna

Federico Martinez Penna is a man of many talents. As a music journalist he writes for Billboard, Noisey and Rolling Stone among other publications. He is also a presenter, producer and music selector for several broadcasters. He lives and breaths the music scene in Argentina.


ZZK Records

ZZK Records is an independent record label founded in 2008. It was born out of the Zizek Club nights in Buenos Aires, and out of a love for the local music scene.

Photography Mariano Felchchle.


Astor Piazzolla – Tanguedia III [Nonesuch]
Gotan Project – Santa Maria (Del Buen Ayre) [¡Ya basta!]
Mono Fontana, Fernando Kabusacki, Alejandro Franco, Santiago Vazquez, Yamamoto Seiichi & Yuji Katsui – Micro Takes 1/No.2 [ewe]
Juana Molina – No Llama [Domino]
James Brown – Can’t stand it [King Records]
Juana Molina – Cosoco [Crammed Discs]
Underworld – Jumbo [Junior Boys Own]
Hello Skinny – Watermelon Sun [Brownswood]
Domingo Cura – Tiempo de Percusion [Sonodisc]
Los Espíritus – Aunque Nos Vayamos (Alt Take) [Exiles Records]
Charky Garcia – Yendo De La Cama Al Living [CBS]

Catnapp (Live Performance)//
Catnapp – Girls
Catnapp – Slow
Catnapp – Time to Get through it
Catnapp – Back

Pipi Piazzolla – Libertango [Tutl]
Dave Brubeck – Time Out [Columbia]
Chivo Borraro – Half And Half [What Music]
Astor Piazzolla – La Camorra [Nonesuch]
Astor Piazzolla / Mario Trejo – Los Pajaros Perdidos [DeFerrari]
Tremor – Ave Mora [ZZK Records]
Chancha Via Circuito – Rio Arriba [ZZK Records]
Mitu – Melgar [ZZK Records]
Ramiro Musotto – Gwyra Mi [Losanos luz discos]
Lalo Schifrin – Mambo jazz opus n°. 3 [Audio Fidelity,]
Oscar Aleman – O Vestido de Bolero [Tono Disc]
Gilles Peterson’s Bueno Aires Mix//
Oscar Aleman – O Vestid De Bolero [Acqua]
Tatiana Parra&Andres Beeuwsaert – Milonga Gris [Inpartmaint Inc.]
Andre Mehmari and Carlos Aguirre and Juan Quintero – Ida E Volta
Andre Mehmari – Ida E Volta [Estudio Monteverdi]
Eduardo Lagos -La Vieja [Trova]
Barbieri – Viva Emiliano Zapata [Impulse!]
Pierre Porte -Santa Isabel Part 2 [PierJenn]
CUMBO – Sonia [Film Record]
Ramiro Musotto Gwyra Mi [Circular Moves]
Enrique Villegas – Sombra [Cabal]
El Cuarteto Del Chivo Borraro – Africa [ Whatmusic.com ]
Cuero Crecimiento – Silenciosos NEgros [Foncal Discos]
Tulio Enrique Leon – Momposina [Odeon POPS/EMI]
Jorge Loez Ruiz – Pablo [Trova]
Lalo Schifrin- Bullet (Live in Buenos Aires) [El Discos es Cultura]
Lewis’ Gourp – Tema de Mau-Mau [TK]

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