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Brownswood Basement from Tokyo at WIRED HOTEL ASAKUSA: Gilles Peterson with Akiko Kiyama, Dimitri from Paris, Viva Sherry, Seimei, Carpainter, Alex from Tokyo & Kenji Hasegawa

First broadcast date: 2 November 2017

Gilles Peterson presents a weekly show from the iconic Brownswood Basement. This week Gilles takes to us to Tokyo for an open broadcast with local and international talent at WIRED HOTEL ASAKUSA, a cultural hub within the heart of Tokyo’s creative district.

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Akiko Kiyama

Tokyo based Akiko Kiyama is an internationally acclaimed dance music producer and head of her own label Kebko Music.

Viva Sherry

Viva Sherry are a prog pop band hailing from Kyoto, Japan.

Kenji Hasegawa

Kenji Hasegawa is a selector who has been DJing for more than 20 years in Tokyo, and also works at the iconic HMV Record Shop in Shibuya.

Dimitri from Paris

Dimitri from Paris is an inimitable house and disco DJ, remixer and record producer.

Alex from Tokyo

Alex from Tokyo is a Paris born, Tokyo raised NYC based eclectic French DJ, producer and international co-ordinator.

Seimei (Trekkie Trax)

Seimei is an A&R and co-founder of Japanese electronic dance label Trekkie Trax which has been releasing bass music covering trap, juke, techno and house.


Carpainter is a DJ, producer, and a co-founder of Japanese label Trekkie Trax with Seimei. Hailing from Yokohama, suburban Tokyo, Carpainter produces UK Garage and techno influenced futuristic electronic sounds.


Sugadairo – Kamunatoru
Yamasuki – YamaYama [Biram]
Viva Sherry – Holiday [mottomotto]

// Alex from Tokyo Mix //
Ryuuichi Sakamoto – Bokura no
The Voice&Rhythm – Dance Freak [Japan Record]
Hirayuki Namba – Who Done it? [Air Records]
Yukihiro Fukuda – Love Vibes [Waterstone Records]
Jun Fukamachi – Sea Horse [Kitty Films]

Ryota Nozaki – Ginshu

// Dimitri from Paris Selection //
Minako Yoshida – Tornado [Alfa]
Minako Yoshida – BLACK MOON [Alfa]
Minako Yoshida – Midnight Driver [Rush Hour Recordings]

// Kenji Hasegawa Selection //
Jun Miyake – Exbida
Kikuchi Naruyoshi & Pepe・Torumento Asukara-Ru – Wuthering Heights [Plaza Mayor Company]

// Viva Sherry live Performance //
Viva Sherry – Fig [mottomotto]
Viva Sherry – TVshow -RADIO show Version [mottomotto]
Viva Sherry – S.P.T.M.[mottomotto]
Viva Sherry – Holiday [mottomotto]

// Akiko Kiyama Selection //
Akiko Kiyama – Bridge The Divide [Kebko Music]

// Seimei Selection //

// Carpainter Live Peformance //
Carpainter – Returning [TREKKIE TRAX]
Carpainter – Force [TREKKIE TRAX]
Carpainter – Changeling Life [TREKKIE TRAX]
Carpainter – Tech And Bang [TREKKIE TRAX]
Carpainter Feat. TT The Aritist – Go To Work [TREKKIE TRAX]
Carpainter – Orange Wind [TREKKIE TRAX]

Ryuichi Sakamoto – Rain

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