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Brownswood Basement: Gilles Peterson with Nicola Conte and Nu Guinea


Gilles Peterson presents a show based in the iconic Brownswood Basement.

This week Gilles turns his focus to Italy, welcoming the multi-dextrous Nicola Conte from Bari, and rising stars from Napoli, Nu Guinea to showcase their favourite Italian tracks.

Nicola Conte

Nicola Conte is an Italian DJ, producer, guitarist, and bandleader. He gained popularity early in his career for introducing an innovative style of acid jazz. Nicola Conte handpicks an hour of his favourite music in celebration of the release of his latest album.

Nu Guinea

Rising stars Nu Guinea are a Naples formed, Berlin-based duo. Together they showcase their favourite new Italian music.

Listen now Tracklist

Quinteplus – Loberman, El Hombre Lobo (Carlos “Poncho” Lapouble) [EMI]

// Nicola Conte //
Max Roach – All Africa [Candid]
Third World Quintet – Consciencism Part 1 & Part 2 [Private Pressing]
Dollar Brand – Kalahani [Galio]
Francis Kingsley and Emitais – Live In Piece [Société Ivoirienne Du Disque]
Black Truth Rhythm Band – Ifetayo [Charlie’s Records]
George Thomas & Family Folks – Nightflower [Family Folks]
Kwesi – Freedom of the Mind [Glorie Records]
Rene McLean Sextet – Jihad [Steeplechase]
Mustafa – Silent World [Fatimah Records]
Shamek Farrah & Folks – Waiting for Marvin [Ra Records]
Orchestre Poly-Rythmo De Contionou – Y Apas Moyen [Albarika Store]
John Coltrane – Kulu Se Mama [Impulse!]
Bret Breitinger – Eboness [Kovi Records]

// Nu Guinea //
Oro – Sasà [Edibi]
Ara Macao – Man in Blue [Venus]
Nu Guinea – Stann Fore [NG Records]
James Senese – Marcus Silos [Polydor]
Antonio Sorrentino – E’ Prumesse [NG Records-Early Sounds]
Enzo Cervo – Delfina [CGD]
Donn’Anna – Nun Ce Sta Niente A Fa [NG Records-Early Sounds]
Osanna – Ce Vulesse [CBS]
Donatella Viaggiano – Napule Canta E More [NG Records-Early Sounds]

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