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Closer to the Sun: Quixosis with Lascivio Bohemia – Bomba Special


Bomba is an Afro-Ecuadorian musical genre from the Chota Valley, in northern Ecuador based on an ancestral sub saharan drum that has the same name. The Bomba, said to be of Bantu origin, is the core of the ensemble and the heart of the rhythm.

The Chota Valley is the heart of AfroAndean Culture in Ecuador, and it is the focus of the first hour.

Bomba Is music of resistance, resilience and mestization, it comes from a road where three cultures have met in a complex power struggle for hundreds of years. Bomba is in a sense a codex that has kept a people together, despite the passage of time, and in the face of slavery. It is, in many ways, like gospel music, in that it is very much a collective expression, where multiple voices are unified as one in honor of something greater and has survived subjugation at the hands of european colonists, and the systemic racism for centuries afterward.

Today’s space is dedicated to the people of the Chota Valley, their culture, their roots, and their future.

The second half of the show, is selected by one of the most prolific producer from Quito, Lascivio Bohemia.

Listen now Tracklist

Grupo Marabu – Llanto de Cocodrilo [Marabu 2017]

Luis Alberto Valencia – Toro Barroso [CAIFE 1965]

Anita Lucia Proaño – Pio Pio [Proaño 1990]

Olmedo Torres – Diablo huma [onix 1972]

Los Hermanos Congo – Dormiré en tu cama [Caprice 1993]

Nery Padilla – Porque te vas [Zapata 1989]

MIlton Tadeo – Para la Manā [Sarita 1984]

Los Brillantes de la Bomba – Ay Pajarillo [zapata 1996]

Grupo Juventud Valle del Chota – El Bandido [Zapata 1989]

El Gato y Olmedo Torres – Coplas de mi tierra [Primicias 1992]

Poder Negro – La Bomba [Poder Negro 2019]

Grupo Marabu – Copa de Vino [Marabu 2017]

Los Hermanos Congo – Fiesta Morena [Caprice 1993]

Oro Negro – Ay Melolé [Riera / SGPE 2015]

Grupo Marabú – Bomba Caliente [Marabu 2017]

Poder Negro – Fuego de amores [Poder Negro 2015]

Amefrica – Carpuela [Trap 2012]

Rumba Habana – La Banda de Peñaherrera [Rumba Habana 1981]

Banda Mocha San MIguel de Chalguyacu – Ne he visto mujeres como Rosa Hermina

[Caprice 1993]

Lascivio Bohemia Guest mix:

Kaifo – Desvío [selfreleased 2020]

Matatá – Bombarro [Self released 2019]

Lascivio Bohemia – Cumbia Palo Santo (Edmoon Records) 2019

Lascivio Bohemia – Spiral Pelvis [unreleased 2021]

Lascivio Bohemia – 忘却 俳句 [Edmoon Records]

Lascivio Bohemia – Tumbelecu (Edmoon Records) 2019

Lascivio Bohemia – Murúa – Trompe Mestizo (Lascivio Bohemia Remix) (Regional)

2018Lascivio Bohemia – MDMA (Edmoon Records) 2019

Lascivio Bohemia – Blowminder (Edmoon Records) 2019

Lascivio Bohemia – Los Diablos del Juncal (New Latam Beats, unreleased) 2021

Hipatia Balseca – Bomba [Hipatia Balseca 2018]

Background Track: Zoroxxe – profundida y superficie [unreleased]