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Closer to the Sun with Quixosis – Syncopated Summer Mix


Aptly labelled as witchcraft in the not so distant past, syncopation is said to be one of the most ancient forms of musical expression and it is also one pathway to experiences beyond our physical body.

On this episode of “Closer To The Sun”, the season of the sun and lion in the northern hemisphere, Quixosis brings us a syncopated summer selection focused on polyrhythmic and syncopated mathematical structures that create dynamic and unpredictable flows. Starting with Peruvian waltz and making our way through San Juanito grooves in the high Ecuadorian andes; we then find our way through ambient labyrinths and warm coastal valleys, into the poly-rhtymic highways of the future.

Our trip held together by a string of ternary rhythm counts, zodiacal twelves, and that little something something that you just can’t put your finger on.

Tune in to hear Quixosisnew video made by Spanish video artist Begonia Izquierdo.

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