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Cosmic Energy: Luke Abbott


Tune in for a two hour mix from Szun Waves’ Luke Abbott as he selects incredible artists, new and old, cruising through his favourites and inspirations.

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Lauren Doss – Voices1 (Salmon Universe)

Caterina Barbieri – Scratches on the Readable Surface (Important Records)

Jas Shaw – Double stop (unreleased)

Laurence Pike – Prophecy (The Leaf Label)

J. B. Banfi – Gang (For Rock Industry) (Red Record)

Jack Wyllie – It Will Be Summer Soon (Gondwana Records)

Michael Stearns – Wherever two or more Gather (Sonic Atmospheres)

Luke Abbott – Flux (Border Community)

Ex-Easter Island Head – Eight Bridges (Low Point)

Can – Vitamin C (United Artist Records)

Carl Matthews – As Above, So Below (Soul Jazz Records)

Richard Pinhas – Rhizosphere Sequent (Cobra)

DEEP LEARNING – Deepfake (Salmon Universe)

Kaitlyn Aurealia Smith – To Feel Your Best (Western Vinyl)

Aeoliah – Tien Fu (Heaven’s Gate) (Oreade Music)

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