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Taking the show to the tea and biscuit hours, the Crazy P team delve into their afternoon delights crate and pull out dreamy grooves and tasty rhythms to power you through the slump and beyond .

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Barry White – your love-so good i can taste it (intro)

Maze – Look at California

Georgie Sweet – what i had done

Billy Idol – Eyes without a face

Tatsuro Yamashita – Love Talking

Coal Kitchen – Chained To The Train Of Love

Adult Fiction – Love Without Worlds

International Peoples Gang – Open Space (Hot Toddy remix)

Cobby and Porky – We’d like to capture your mind

Kareem Rashad – Dance

Sure Thing – Heion

Tension – Your Sunshine

Lamone – Girl you need a change of mind

Dexter Wansel – Voyager

Alice Machine – Night Hunt (RBJ edit)

Pat Thomas – Gyae su (Crazy P unreleased remix)

Setenta – Boys & Girls

Hot Toddy – Things To Do

E Live and Sally Green – Everybody

Laurence Guy – Les Mur

Tyrone Brunson – The Smurf

Mang Dynasty – After Dark(Dub)

Fingers Inc – The Children’s House

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