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Darkhouse Family & Gilla with Mr Thing, Children of Zeus and Doug Shipton


Darkhouse Family host four hours in celebration of their new record, The Offering. The hip hop duo co-host with First Word head honcho Gilla and are joined by DJ Mr Thing, fellow outfit Children of Zeus and Doug Shipton.

Listen now Tracklist

Darkhouse Family – The Offering [First Word Records]
Visioneers – The World Is Yours [BBE]
Darkhouse Family – Radiate [First Word Records]
Darkhouse Family – Modaji Suite [First Word Records]
Darkhouse Family feat. Kamal Williams – Heart of Medina [First Word Records]
Darhousefamily – Solid Gold [First Word Records]
Madlib – The Payback [Stones Throw Records]
Darkhouse Family – Just So You Know [First Word Records]
Weather Report – Indiscretions [Columbia]
Light of the World – Pete’s Crusade [Ensign]
Jorge Dalto – I’ve Got You On My Mind [United Artist Records]
Hi Fi Blend – Sky Restaurant [EMI]
Franco Micalizzi – Bargain With The Devil [CAM]
Placebo – Balek [CBS]
Edip Akbayram & Dostlar – Garip [Burç Plakçılık]
Brian Bennett – Grand Funk [RPM Records]
Olum Allahin Emri – Baris Manco [Guerssen]
Baris Manco nun Yeni Plaginin Arkasi – Vurha Vur [Yavuz Plak]
Halal Cool J – 4am Kadikoy [Unreleased]
Don Leisure – untitled [Unreleased]
Frank McDonald and Terry Devine-King – Latin Spirit [Chappell Music]
Esther – World’s Apart [Unreleased]
Roy Haynes – Water Children [Galaxy]
Cloud One – Dust To Dust [P&P Records]
Darkhouse Family [feat. Esther] – Another World [First Word Records]
Darkhouse Family – The Accession [First Word Records]
Tall Black Guy – Let’s Take A Trip [First Word Records]
Gökçen Kaynatan – Doğanın Ötesi [Finders Keepers Records]
La Tahona – Pastoral [Zafiro]
College Saint Stanislas Nimes – Sacre Saint Sta [White Label]
Cosmos Factory – Magic Window [EMI]
Gregorio Paniagua – Batiscafo [Hispafox]
Aleropolis – Movement [EMH]
Arif Sag – Hey Onbesli Onbesli [Topkapi Plak]
Nur Moray – Kimbilir Bende bir Gun [Unknown]
Serge Gainsbourg & Jean Claude Vannier – Colin-Maillard [ABC]
Don Leisure – Tell Me [First Word Records]
Franklin Black – Gifted People [Tall Black Guy Productions]
Live Session //
Children of Zeus – No Strings Attached
Children of Zeus – Smoke with Me
Children of Zeus – No Sunshine Tomorrow
Children of Zeus – Elevate
Darkhouse Family – Disco Duck [First Word Records]
Slum Village (Feat. Busta Rhymes) – What’s It All About [Good Vibe]
Dear Earth – Stop Biting Wires [Wholemeal Music]
Rayana Jay – Sunkissed
Tall Black Guy – JB Suite [Plane Jane]
Raymond Scott – Bendix 1: The Tomorrow People [Music On Vinyl]
Eddie Gomez – Downstretch [Blackhawk]
Brian Bennett/Alan Hawkshaw – Name of the Game [KPM]
Chicken Curry and His Pop Percussion Orchestra – Librium [Music for Pleasure]
David “Fathead” Newman – Dance of the Honey Bee and the Funky Fly [Prestige]
Annette Peacock – Survival [BMI]
Sammy Nestico – Shoreline Drive [Dark Orchid]
Les Mogul – Sunset in Golden Horn
Herb Bernstein’s New Crusade – In Love Opus 1 [Festival Records]
Montana – Warp Factor 2 [Atlantic]
Chute Libre – Penelope Au Balcon [EMI]
Stone Alliance – Sweetie Pie [Kickin]
Brass Construction – What’s On Your Mind? [United Artist’s Records]
Frederic Mercier – Spirit [Mellophonia]
Nick Ingman – Project Titan 2 [KPM Music]
Guy Boyer – Bongos and Sound [Crea Sound Ltd]
Georges Teperino – Electrosonics No 4 [TV Music]
Ralph Graham – Ain’t No Need [Sussex]
9th Creation – Much Too Much [Hilltak]
Banda Black Rio – Casa Forte [Atlantic]
Roy Ayers & Wayne Henderson – Step into Our Life [Polydor]
Kaidi Tatham – Hard Times [First Word Records]