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DJ, producer and multi-instrumentalist David August drops a 2-hour mix dedicated to his inspirations and roots.

As for his inspirations, for both albums, that came out this year – DCXXXIX A.C. and D’ANGELO – David tried to create a dialogue with his Italian origins – connecting to it’s culture of the past 600 years.

This mix is dedicated to Italy and it’s rich history of music, starting from the 16th century up to experimental music from the last 70 years, the 70s prog scene and ambient music.

This journey through time, works like an eclectic collage, having one foot in the past, the other in the present. Most of the music is edited through a modular system or blended so close to each other that you will find different layers of decades forming something new. In some cases he used only small parts of the songs as he felt a certain colour had to be added to another song.

The mix had to start with where he’s found himself 2 years ago by editing Palestrinas’ Missa Papae Marcelli  into a choral drone. No other but Nino Rotas’ Amarcord – as us Romans say – I remember, could end the story.

Listen now Tracklist

Pierluigi di Palestrina – Missa Papae Marcelli (David August Reconstruction) [Self Released]
Franco Evangelisti – Incontri Di Fasce Sonore (Edit) [Edition RZ]
Barnacles – In a Slow-Sailing Ship (Edit) [Unknown]
Tullio De Piscopo – Drum Fantasy [Vedette Records]
Squadra Omega – Man’s Empire Ends at the Waterline [Boring Machines]
XIII – Curve D’Argento [Gang Of Ducks]
Roberto Musci – Claudia, Wilhem R. and Me [Ukiyo-e Music]
Gigi Masin – Siren [Music From Memory]
Luciano Berio – Momenti Per Nastro Magnetico [Unknown]
Unknown – Unknown [Unknown]
David August – Venus [99Chants]
Everest Magma – B4 [Boring Machines]
Gianluca Petrella – Balletto Meccanico [Spacebone Records]
Franco Battiato – No U Turn [Bla Bla Records]
Golden Cup – Khalifa [Soave]
Andrea Belfi – Spitting & Skytouching [Stroboscopic Artefacts]
Lorenzo Abattoir – Live in Moscow [Unknown]
Francesco Messina – Prati Bagnati Del Monte Analogo [Cramps Records]
Vito Ricci – Getting There [Music From Memory]
Donato Dozzy – Nine o Three (Edit) [Tresor Records]
Lucio Battisti – Amarsi Un Po’ (Live Solo) [Unreleased]
Stefano Pilia & Massimo Pupillo – κένωσις (Edit) [Soave]
Suzanne Ciani – Paris 1971 (Vox Edit) [Finders Keepers Records]
Celeste – La Danza Del Mare [Mellow Records]
72-Hour Post Fight – VB06 (Edit) [Volume]
David August – Syndrom International [PIAS]
Giuseppe Ielasi – 07 (Edit) [Minority Records]
Fabrizio de André – Amico fragile [Produttori Associati]
Garybaldi – Madre Di Cose Perdute [Fonit]
David August – Narciso [PIAS]
Giacinto Scelsi – Improvvisazioni (Battiato Edit) [Unreleased]
David August – Theory of Colours [99Chants]
Frescobaldi – Toccata Seconda (David August Deconstruction) [Unreleased]
Nino Rota – Amarcord (Edit) [CAM]