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Distant Dialogues


Our Distant Dialogues project culminates in the unveiling and celebration of six original compositions by our artists from across the UK and China. We hear words and music from remote residents Kayla Painter, Gooooose, Hector Plimmer, Shii, Wonky Logic and Sheng Jie / Gogoj, with the artists sharing their unique experiences that have resulted in distinct and beautiful projects. In association with our partners Merrie Records and British Council.

Listen now Tracklist
Shii – Sentimental Swagger
Shii – Vertigo
Shii – Bubble
Shii – Seeing Flowers
Hector Plimmer – Bossa B
Hector Plimmer – 2 Minute Switch feat. Pie Eye Collective
Hector Plimmer – Joyfulness ft Alexa Harley
Hector Plimmer – Shiver
Hector Plimmer – Sonic Travels
Wonky Logic – Untitled
Wonky Logic – Untitled
Wonky Logic – Elation
Gooooose – Domino
Gooooose – Young Liquid 青水
Gooooose – Fluxions
Kayla Painter – Keep Under Wraps
Kayla Painter – Precipitation
Church Andrews & Matt Davies – Roadtrip
ABADIR – Liminal
Kayla Painter – Fortitude Valley
Kayla Painter – Glaciers and Dust
Gogoj aka Sheng Jie – 8pm
Gogoj – Gogoj & YeHui at Miji Concert 43
Sheng Jie – What It Is For Gazing